Our Story

The story of The Wooden Tie Cafe has a few beginnings. In a sense, the story begins in the early 1900s, when the all-brick home was built with beautiful wooden built-ins, stained glass windows, and a spacious front porch. It was home to many families through the years, including the Mewes family who were well known for their general store nearby that offered supplies for many rural families in the area.

In 2017, the home saw a new beginning. The Jackson family, who had been investing in the Pierron community by purchasing properties and improving them into rental properties, found themselves as the new owners of the home. The family consists of patriarch Bob and his wife Sharon, and their two sons Joe and Andy. Joe's wife Mary, and their two children Emma and Tommy, play key roles in all of the decisions as well. As they started digging into the renovation of their newest project, it became impossible to ignore the amazing original bones of the home. They knew this couldn't be just another rental property: it was, in fact, still a gem.

The idea for a restaurant stemmed from the family's mutual belief that some of the best moments with family and friends are created around a dinner table: times of camaraderie, tales, and hopefully good food. Tying that belief with Joe's love of cooking, the possibility of a family-owned cafe came alive.

What followed was a renovation that essentially gutted the home while bringing new life to its best original features. Kitchen and bar areas were added, and the main dining area is situated in what had been the living room and is complimented by original hardwood floors and an exposed ceiling. The Wooden Tie Cafe also boasts outdoor seating on the porch and additional seating upstairs, perfect for small groups to have an area to themselves. A chef was hired who shared the family's vision for high-quality food with some unexpected, but thoughtful, touches that make the Cafe's creations one-of-a-kind.

So why "The Wooden Tie?" Aside from his hobbies of cooking great food and smoking meats, Joe had also been expanding his talents in woodworking. After fashioning himself a wooden tie that gained him a lot of attention, the reputation that came with it caught on with the whole family. The wooden tie would soon become a unique trademark that only the Jackson family could claim, with its visual common throughout the cafe from the menu, to the staff, to fun and unexpected accents.

If you also believe that "the best memories are made gathered around the table" and agree that "old places have soul," The Wooden Tie Cafe is worth a visit. The home will draw you in and share its stories, the homemade food is sure to impress, and the great service will keep you comfortable. Why Wooden Tie (wouldn't I) give it a try and make some memories all your own?

Meet the Team


Mary,Joe,Foreman Tommy, and Emma Jackson


Bob & Sharon Jackson